Ecommerce Fashion Photography: How to Take Stunning Product Photos

Taking product photos for an online store seems simple enough—just snap a picture of the product, and you’re done, right? Not so fast! There are a few key things to keep in mind if you want to create truly stunning eCommerce fashion photos. This article outlines some essential guidelines to follow when photographing clothing and accessories.  Prepare the Clothing Great product photos are essential for any fashion eCommerce business. They can help you stand out from the competition, attract customers, and boost sales.

Planning To Elope? Why You Should Hire An Elopement Photographer

If your plans for a big wedding created undue stress, and you’ve decided to elope, you’ve made a great decision. Wedding planning can be quite stressful, especially when everyone wants to have a say in your special moment. That’s where eloping comes into the picture. When you elope, you can make the day all about you and your partner. If you’re worried about losing those special moments, it’s time to hire a professional wedding photographer such as LOTUS PHOTOGRAPHY.

Benefits Of Working With A Professional Photographer For Headshots

If you have a profession where your looks matter, such as an actor or model, then you constantly need to market yourself in the right ways. One way of doing this is having professional headshots captured. Then you can send them to booking agencies looking for new clients to work with. If you hire a professional photographer to capture these headshots, here are some things you’ll be privy to. Suggest the Perfect Environment

Why A 360 Photobooth Is A Great Idea For Your Events

You might be planning your next company event. You may have your guest list finished and have hired the caterer. You may now need to think about what type of entertainment to book for your guests. You may have considered booking a photo booth, and they can provide a great experience for your guests as well as give branding opportunities. Instead of a photo booth, why not book a 360 photo booth instead?

How To Make A Kid Photo Backdrop More Fun And Interesting

If you are a photographer or a parent who wants portraits of your kids that are a little more fun and a bit outside of the box, there are ways you can spice up your kid photo backdrop to make it more exciting. You just need to pick the right background, be it a solid color, floral print, or some outdoor scene, and then add in some extras to enhance the backdrop.