Tips For Looking Thinner When You Have A Professional Headshot Taken

Hiring a professional photographer to take your headshot for marketing material related to your business can make you appear friendly and approachable. If you’re a little nervous about seeing how you’ll look in the photo because you’re carrying a few extra pounds, don’t tax your body by going on a crash diet in the days leading up to the photo shoot. Instead, there are a number of different ways that you can look a little thinner in the photo, and thus feel better about using it for any number of purposes.

Three Tips For Caring For Your Camera Tripod

A camera tripod can be an essential tool for anyone that takes photography seriously. However, it can be common for individuals that have only recently started to use tripods to be unsure of the steps that they should take for caring for these devices. As a result, they may make some errors and oversights that can lead to premature wear and tear on these camera accessories. To help you avoid these problems, you should make it a point to keep the following couple of tripod care tips in mind.

Restoring Old Time Photos: Three Reasons Why You Need A Professional Photographer For The Job

If you have a box full of old time photos of your ancestors, and some of them are a little ragged, you might want to frame them, preserve them and/or restore them. These will take more than just a little tape to restore them. Here are some more reasons why you need a professional photographer and old time photos restorer to renew your old family photos. Really Old Photos Used Different Exposure Chemicals