3 Ways To Infuse A Love Of Books Into Wedding Photography

As you plan a wedding with your partner, you will likely want to infuse a lot of personality into the ceremony and celebration. If you and your partner both love books, then you can find multiple ways to share your passion with your guests and the wedding celebration. You could also make books a theme in your wedding photography.

When you collaborate with a wedding photographer, you have the opportunity to create some memorable pictures and unique memories. Check out some ways to infuse books into your wedding and create some spectacular photos along the way.

1. Engagement Location Shoots

Before the wedding takes place, a wedding photographer often offers an engagement shoot package. The engagement shoot is a way for a photographer to get to know a couple and capture some romantic photos outside of their formal wedding gear. Choose a location shoot that involves books.

You may have a big home library where shelves of books can serve as the background. You could visit your favorite local bookstore and take photos among the stacks of books. You could also get permission to shoot photos at a local library. The rows of books add a unique background to photos and can make the shoot feel more personal.

2. Favorite Books & Wedding Details

On the day of the wedding, you may already have multiple ways to use books. You could have stacks of books serve as your table centerpieces. You could also bring your favorite books and use them as props for your wedding detail photos. For example, a photographer could place your wedding rings on the top cover of a book.

The close-up images will highlight the details of the rings along with the cover of the book. The shots could also include other wedding details like cuff links or wedding shoes.

3. Book Cover Recreations

Browse through some of your favorite books with your partner. In some cases, you may have a specific book cover you want to recreate for a wedding. Present these cover ideas to a wedding photographer well before the wedding. A photographer can learn the best poses, angles, and lighting to recreate the cover.

Once you receive the photos, you could add custom text to the cover and your own personal title. The picture could become the cover of your own personal photo book creation.

Plan ahead of time to find all kinds of unique ways to infuse photos and create memorable wedding moments that showcase your personal interests. Reach out to a wedding photographer near you to learn more.