Three Blankets To Consider For Your Newborn Photos

In many newborn photo shoots, it's common for the infant to be wrapped in a blanket. Some couples choose a standard blanket that is somewhat of an afterthought, but this isn't your only option. As you prepare for the photo shoot, think about what blankets have a special significance to you. There's a good chance that you can come up with a few different ideas. Gather the blankets and take them to the photo studio, and talk to your photographer about including each of them in the shots. The photographer can take a few shots of your child wrapped in one blanket, and you can then remove that blanket and wrap them in the next one. Here are three blankets to consider.

Handmade Blanket

When many people have babies, they'll often receive a handmade blanket from a family member. It might be a knitted or crocheted blanket from the child's grandparent, for example. This blanket will have a special significance to your family, so it's nice to include it in some of the newborn photos. When you receive the photos a short time after the shoot and are ready to share them with your family, you'll be especially excited to give the person who made the blanket a large print of your child wrapped in the homemade gift.

Sports Blanket

If you're a serious sports fan, there's a good chance that you have several sports-related accessories around the house. One item may be a blanket that features your favorite team's name and logo. It can be a fun idea to take this blanket to the photo shoot and wrap your infant in it for a few shots. There's a good chance that a lot of your family members and friends know about your support of a specific team, and they'll be amused to see your child wrapped in a corresponding blanket — serving as a sign that you'll do your best to raise the child to be a fan of the team, too.

Your Blanket

If you or your significant other still owns a blanket that you used as a child, it can be special to take it to the photo shoot. Some people have their baby blankets boxed away with other personal mementos from their childhood. Even if this blanket is in rough shape and not suitable for daily use with your child, it can be a special moment to secure your newborn in the blanket that wrapped you or your partner multiple decades ago. 

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