Why A 360 Photobooth Is A Great Idea For Your Events

You might be planning your next company event. You may have your guest list finished and have hired the caterer. You may now need to think about what type of entertainment to book for your guests.

You may have considered booking a photo booth, and they can provide a great experience for your guests as well as give branding opportunities. Instead of a photo booth, why not book a 360 photo booth instead? Here are some reasons to look into 360 photo booths for events.

Engages Guests To Be Interactive

While a traditional photo booth will get some guests up and having fun with it, it may not appeal to younger crowds, or they may get bored with it pretty quickly. 360 photo booths for events can actually engage your guests to be more interactive with each other and with their environment for longer than a traditional photo booth will.

Depending on the type of 360 photo booth you choose, one that does 360 images, a booth that provides 360 videos, or Virtual Reality booths, guests can have fun creating a unique photo or video experience for themselves.

A 360 photobooth can actually help with networking between your guests as it can break down their walls and get them talking and interacting with each other.

Instant Social Media Interaction

For event attendees, especially the younger generations, social media interaction is an important tool for not only having fun and connecting with friends but for business purposes as well. The videos and images taken by 360 photo booths for events can be shared immediately with clients and customers to potentially gain customers or to show customers what is new with their company.

Images and videos are rendered quickly and can be sent to the recipient's cell phone by text message or email. They then can share the videos with their followers and business associates via social media or their websites.

It is also possible for them to customize their videos and photos using custom branding of their logos, company name, or contact information. They can not only have fun and interact with their own clients or customers visually, but they can also market their company to potentially attract more business.

Cost-Effective For Your Guests

Your guests may have been considering hiring a professional photographer to take pictures for their own websites or social media to help promote their business. Hiring a professional photographer can be an expensive prospect for some new businesses, and they may often do the work themselves. This can prevent their business from growing quickly due to unprofessional images.

Instead, when they use 360 photo booths for events, they get professionally done photographs or videos that they can use on their websites or social media to help promote themselves and their brand to attract customers.

These photo booths are more cost-effective for newer companies, and the cutting-edge technology can attract the attention they need. Check online or contact a local event planner for more information