How To Make A Kid Photo Backdrop More Fun And Interesting

If you are a photographer or a parent who wants portraits of your kids that are a little more fun and a bit outside of the box, there are ways you can spice up your kid photo backdrop to make it more exciting. You just need to pick the right background, be it a solid color, floral print, or some outdoor scene, and then add in some extras to enhance the backdrop.

Here are some ways you can make a kid photo backdrop more fun and interesting.

Use A Backdrop That Has Texture To It

One way you can make a kid photo backdrop more interesting is to pick a backdrop that has a texture to it. While flat and smooth backdrops are traditional and often the right choice when taking more formal pictures of kids, if you want a fun and more relaxed picture, a textured backdrop can make the photo stand out from other standard portraits.

You could choose a backdrop that has slight ruffles in multiple colors or in a rainbow. You could pick one that cascades down in layers with each layer a lighter color of pink, blue, or whatever your child's favorite color is.

As long as the texture enhances the photograph you want to take, a textured backdrop can be fun and interesting.

Create A 3D Style Backdrop

If you want a fun and out-of-the-box idea for a kid photo backdrop that will make your picture stand out, then create or have a 3D style backdrop made. You can pick a backdrop with an existing scene like a schoolyard, playground, amusement park, or some other fun scene to start. Then you can add elements to it that extend outwards from the backdrop to create a 3D effect.

For example, if you chose a playground backdrop, you could use painted cardboard tubing to create the illusion of an actual swingset, or plastic trees or plants to create the effect that the playground is real. It will add a sense of three dimensions to your photograph that will catch the eye.

Have A Party Atmosphere

If the picture you are taking is for a special birthday for a child, then you could create a party-type atmosphere with your photo backdrop. You could pick a bright color backdrop or one with balloons or streamers painted on it. Then take actual balloons and streamers and add them to the backdrop to create a festive, party-like atmosphere.

You could add props too like a birthday cake or presents to complete the effect.