3 Ways To Use Kid Photo Backdrops For Gimmick Photography

As children grow up, parents often look for unique ways to capture memories and have photos to look back on. Photo gimmicks are often used for unique situations and can create fun ways to remember a child's younger years. The use of a kid photo backdrop can create multiple gimmicks that you go back to year after year as you plan pictures of your children.

1. Childhood Growth Montages

When you select a backdrop for your child's pictures, the designs in the backdrop can act as a measuring tool for showcasing your child's growth through the years. Every couple of months or so, you can set up your child in front of the backdrop and have them stand up straight. After a few years, you can compile the pictures together in a video montage to showcase how the child has grown and changed through the years. When the backdrop remains the same, you will notice the height differences more clearly.

Choose a backdrop with props to measure up against. For example, if you choose a forest backdrop, the photo montage can show a child grow up the length of a tree or past other design elements like flowers.

2. Dress-Up Sessions

A backdrop theme can help create a fun dress up session for children's photography. For example, if your child loves cowboys or cowgirls, then you can purchase a western-themed backdrop to create a fun photoshoot. The backdrop will help the costume feel more authentic and help create some unique pose designs for the photos. Likewise, as a child's interests change, you can purchase additional backdrops and create all new themes. The backdrops are also ideal for creating short videos of a child role-playing and acting like different characters.

3. Birthday Sessions

A photo backdrop is an ideal decoration for birthday sessions. You choose from a wide range of birthday party themes, including confetti backgrounds, balloons, or printed messages. For younger kids, the backdrop is an ideal way to take photos and videos of a cake smash session. As kids get older, the backdrop can help you capture formal portraits to represent the age. You can add in real props like numbered balloons to represent the age and capture the memories of the child. The birthday session can become an annual tradition you do with all your kids.

Brainstorm to come up with different ideas and learn how to use backdrops for all of your children's photography. Contact a company that offers kid photo backdrops for more information.