Pose Your Children in Front of a Beach-Themed Photo Backdrop in These Ways

When you go to the beach with your family, you'll likely take a number of photos of your kids having fun in the sand. If you don't have a beach near you, or it's the wrong time of the year to enjoy the beach, you can have some fun by visiting a local photo studio with your children. Choose a beach-themed photo backdrop—perhaps one that has an image of sand in the foreground, blue water in the background and a sun shining down—and then get busy planning a fun photo shoot with your youngsters. Here are some poses that they can adopt.

Building Sand Castles

For children, there are few beach activities that are as fun as building sand castles. It's possible to set up a sand castle-themed photo shoot with a little creativity and some support from the photo studio. You'll want to lay a sheet or tarp on the ground and then cover it with sand. Make sure that you take a number of appropriate toys to the photo studio, including colorful plastic buckets and shovels that your children can then use to construct some structures out of sand. The photographer can snap some shots while your children build, as well as when they've finished their creation.

Preparing to Surf

Another option for you to consider is to set your children up in front of the beach-themed photo backdrop as though they're getting ready to surf. All that you'll need is a child-sized surfboard for each child, and you can pose them in a number of ways. For example, you can have the children carrying their boards in the direction of the "water," but looking back over their shoulders to smile at you. Or, you can go with more of a formal posed portrait in which your children are standing and each leaning on their board.

Having a Water Fight

Having a water fight is another fun beach activity, so with this photo backdrop in place and some sand on the ground, you can dress your children in their swimsuits, arm them each with a water gun, and have them pose in a number of ways. While actually shooting each other with the water guns might not be practical, given the confines of the photo studio, the children will have fun posing as though they're engaged in a major battle—all with big smiles on their faces.

Go online to find other kid photo backdrops that you might want to use.