Pros And Cons Of Wearing Glasses For Your Corporate Photo

If you're the leader of a company, it's a good idea to hire a corporate photographer to take a photo of you and the others on the leadership team. Doing so can have many advantages, but you want to be sure that your photo looks its best. Working carefully with the professional photographer to go over angles, poses, and even facial expressions can increase the likelihood of you being happy with the end result. You'll also want to give some thought to how you present yourself on the day of the photo shoot. One topic to consider is if you wear glasses, should you leave them on or take them off? Here are some pros and cons of wearing them.

Pro: It Adds Authenticity

If you wear glasses throughout the workday, it makes a lot of sense to wear them in your corporate photo. Doing so adds authenticity — in other words, it's an expression that you're happy with who you are and you aren't trying to change it. If you were to take them off for the photo, those who know you and know that you wear glasses may feel as though you're trying to come across as someone you aren't.

Con: You May Seem Older

A lot of younger people today wear contact lenses or opt for laser eye surgery, and this can make some people believe that those who wear glasses are older. Being old in the business world isn't a bad thing, of course, but there are those who may associate age with being tired, not caring about new business trends, and not being relatable to the younger market.

Pro: You May Look Smarter

Having glasses can actually make you appear smarter, according to a study. Every business professional wants to appear smart in his or her photos, as this can be beneficial for the good of the company. A prospective customer may be drawn to someone if he or she thinks that this person is intelligent, and the presence of your glasses in your photo may have a positive impact in this regard.

Con: Glare Could Be An Issue

A potential obstacle associated with wearing glasses is that their lenses may show a glare. Your professional photographer will know to shoot so that the glare isn't present, but this may mean that you have to tilt your head at an angle that you don't particularly like. Fortunately, this issue is often possible to overcome with a skilled photographer and some different light settings.