Get Royal Wedding Photographs Without The Titles

Everyone loves a wedding, especially a royal wedding. Though the person that you are marrying not have HRH in front of their name, this doesn't mean that you will feel like any less than royalty on your wedding day. One of the things about royal weddings is that the photographs always look elaborate and perfect. If you want to get the same out of your photographs as any prince or princess, here are some tips on producing royal photographs. 

Make sure the color scheme is perfected

Having the exact same colors is what you will need when you are in the color scheme. Be sure that the bridesmaid's dresses are all in the same color and that the mothers of the bride and groom participate in the same outfit shade. All tuxedoes should be the same color and the shirts underneath should match one another. Having an exact color scheme will make it easier for the photographer to shoot and touch up the photographs. 

Create an impeccable background

While you may not have a palace as a backdrop, you can still have a quality backdrop that is fit for royalty. Carefully select the backdrop of your scenery. If you are married in a church or an estate, select a room that has old, stately furniture and photographs in order to take your photos. If you are able to decorate a room ahead of time, you can bring along photographs of your own family and hang them in one of the rooms of the center that you are renting out for the ceremony. This will permit you the option of taking photographs with family heirlooms in the background for a stately photograph. 

Make sure that the lighting is perfect

The one accessory that makes or breaks the look of photographs is the lighting. Be sure that the lighting inside of the spaces where you will be taking pictures is impeccable. Natural lighting works well for church or estate photographs, so be sure to open windows and pull back curtains. At the reception, set up strobe lighting or overhead lighting that sets off the colors in the room. Let your wedding photographer see the venue beforehand to give you tips on what type of lighting will give the room the best photographs. This way you can set up the lighting before your big day to make sure that your pictures are fit for a king and queen. 

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