Three Important Factors To Consider before You Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Choosing the right wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions a couple must make when planning their big day. Although each prospective photographer's rate, the photos in his or her portfolio, and written testimonials are key factors that will heavily influence your choice, there are other factors that are worthy of your serious consideration. Proper attention to these three areas gives you the extra information to help you hire the right photographer who will be able to successfully capture every moment of this milestone in your life.

Photography Style

When you're evaluating the portfolios of skilled photographers, it's customary to be wowed by the quality of the photos you see. Take special note of how the photographer approaches the wedding stylistically. Does he or she have a knack for capturing candid moments? Are his or her photos primarily of the staged variety? Are there eye-catching shots that you don't see from other photographers? Although each skilled wedding photographer should be able to shoot your wedding successfully, give more consideration to the one whose shots are most in alignment with your personal style. For example, if you're planning a casual affair, it's ideal if the photographer has demonstrated success with candid shots that capture the laid-back vibe.

Personality Matters

The right (or wrong) personality of a wedding photographer can greatly impact the quality of your day; ideally, it will impact it in a positive way. Meet with each prospective photographer and note how your personalities compare. If you're an introvert, it can be helpful to have an extroverted photographer who will not only take charge with group photos but also keep the wedding party at ease with his or her pleasant, outgoing demeanor. Ideally, you want your wedding photographer to be assertive enough to catch the day's most important moments, but not so assertive that your guests feel as though they're being bossed around. Evaluating your discussion with the photographer should give you an indication of whether this person is the right one for you.

Shooting Teams

Opting for a wedding photographer who works with a partner can provide you with a collection of shots that simply wouldn't be attainable from one photographer shooting alone. Photography partners are becoming increasingly more common in the wedding industry; one shooter often focuses on formal poses, while the other captures candid moments as you and your guests are paying attention to the primary photographer. Asking if the photographer uses a partner—and seeing some photographic proof of how the team works together—can help you make up your mind.