3 Excellent Reasons To Get Your Portrait Taken

A portrait is meant to capture the personality of the subject or subjects whose picture is being taken. A portrait is great for doing this because it is generally a photo that is taken up close of a person's face. This allows the camera to clearly see the lines and features on the person's face that form a specific emotion. There are many reasons why people have their portraits taken, and often, they differ greatly. This article will discuss 3 excellent reasons to get your portrait taken. 

For A Modeling Portfolio

When you go to book a modeling job, you are going to want to bring your personal portfolio of pictures with you. This portfolio will likely contain a variety of different photos of you, with many of them being portraits. These portraits will showcase you with different hair and makeup styles, as well as with a variety of expressions on your face. It is crucial for a model to be able to use their face to express emotion, so if your portraits are able to do that, you will be more likely to book modeling jobs.

To Capture A Genuine Emotion

There are many portrait photographers who travel the globe and take portraits of the many people they visit. These portraits are completely candid, and they show the truest of emotions that that person is feeling. They may be capturing the sorrow of a mother who is struggling to feed her children, the wise look in the eyes of the man whose face is lined with age, or the genuine joy of the child who has discovered something for the first time. These portraits are then used in magazines, books, or other media, and help to make a bold statement about the emotions that humans express across the globe. 

For A Work Photo

A more formal type of portrait that is taken quite routinely is a work photo. These photos are often used on business cards, billboards, video or Powerpoint presentations, or they are simply linked to the person's name in the company's employee system. These photos are generally taken at work, and simply require the person to be in their business attire. While employees are told that they can smile or not, most employees will do the routine emotion and smile for the picture. These photos make it easy for those in the company and working with the company to remember the face and attached name to the person that they are working with. 

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